DF Grupo is a leader in fertilizer sales in Spain and Portugal, with experience in the sector that goes all the way back to 1978.We comprehensively take care of all the processes in the fertilizer value chain: from their import and our own production, through to the entire set of logistics activities required: packaging, processing, marketing and distribution of the product for its delivery to the customer. We are currently leaders in the manufacture of compact fertilizer, with a production capacity of over 180,000 tons/year. Furthermore, we have an extensive network of sales, logistics and (own) production companies located in a number of different countries.

Our sales network is present in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and Angola. We also have our own logistics centres serving the sales networks and third parties, both in the sector and in other sectors compatible with our activity. We work with products as diverse as fertilizers, agrochemicals, coatings, cereals and raw materials for other industries. That’s why we are located at the key supply points of the countries in which we have a presence.

At DF Group, we incorporate the latest advances in fertilization techniques through our technological products company DF Innova, in whose range we have the most efficient and environmentally-friendly fertilizers available, thanks to the application of the most advanced technologies and always with the aim of maximising the yield of each crop.



The business starts to develop and the Delso family creates its first fertilizer marketing company in Calatayud.
Our regional expansion continues with the incorporation of Fertilizantes del Noreste, which acquires its second warehouse in Calatayud.
With the creation of Ferticenter and the development of its distribution structure, the Group acquires a national scale.
Expansion to Portugal, through local partners, setting up Adubos Deiba. Deladubos is also set up, to complete and develop the logistics service, this currently being the baseline for fertilizer and agrochemical distribution in Portugal.
The Group decides to bolster its logistics business to diversify from its core business, building facilities at different strategic points of the Iberian peninsula (Vía Liquida, Cantábrica de Graneles, Peninsular Logistics, among others).
The Group bolsters its distribution in Catalonia, setting up Fertilizantes Catalanes, FERTICAT. In the same year, we launch in Angola, incorporating FertiAngola, company that is currently leader of the solid fertilizers market in the country.
Creation of Fertilizantes Compactados de Castilla y León, FERTICCYL, the Group’s first NPK plant, located in Osorno (Palencia).
Building of Fertilizantes Compactados de Extremadura, FERCOEX, NPK plant located in Talavera la Real (Badajoz).
Founding of Vía Fertysem, with the aim of consolidating the Group’s position as leader in Andalusia. At the same time, we acquire Tránsitos Vía Sur, warehouses strategically located next to the port of Seville.
Building of the Group’s first facilities in Morocco, located in the port of Jorf Lasfar, base for the distribution of fertilizers through our marketing company: Société D’Agriculture et de Logistique Maroc.
Setting up of DF Innova, in order to develop a new range of more efficient and sustainable fertilizers, that exploit the new fertilizing technologies.
DF Grupo and Blue Agro merge to create DF Blue Agro. This movement strengthens the Group’s business in the north of Spain and the south of France, and also its R+D+i.
Expansion into France Management of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Development and investment in the Group’s logistics activity.
Creation of the R&D&i Department and the Group’s own laboratory. Important alliance for the provision of low-emission nitrogen fertilisers.



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Adisseo and DF Grupo are pleased to announced they have entered into a new strategic agreement for the sales, marketing and distribution of Ammonium Sulfate. Effective from January 1st 2022, DF Grupo is appointed as exclusive distributor of Adisseo Spain on fertilizer market worldwide. We are confident that this new partnership will provide excellent customer…

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Despite the unprecedented situation produced by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, DF Grupo has anticipated establishing the necessary means to guarantee product supply, demonstrating why the ability to assimilate change is one of the group’s main values. For this, we have provided the different areas of the company with the necessary tools to continue…

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