Fertilización de fondo

Maximise your harvests: the power of Basal Fertilisation

DFGRUPO is committed to the pursuit of a more efficient and productive agriculture. We would like to highlight Basal Fertilisation, a technique which, although less visible than other agricultural practices, has a direct impact on the success of our crops and is a cornerstone to ensuring abundant and quality production.   what is Basal Fertilisation?…

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BORO, micronutriente para el crecimiento

Boron, the essential micronutrient for growth

As we all know, Boron is a chemical element belonging to the periodic table. It is a metalloid, semiconductor, its symbol is B, its atomic number is 5, and it can be found in plenty in minerals such as borax. It has many different functions, for example it is used to make enamels for kitchen…

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La vendimia


The countdown to the grape harvest is a meticulous process that requires careful planning and monitoring. The following description of the process may vary depending on weather conditions, region and specific grape varieties. Vineyard monitoring (several months before the harvest) The first step in the countdown to the grape harvest is regular monitoring of the…

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Nitrógeno y Azufre para las plantas

Nitrogen:sulphur ratio in plants

At the beginning of the year, it is time to consider the Nitrogen:Sulphur ratio for the correct development of the plants.   Optimal N and S balance in fertilisation Plants require essential nutrients for optimal growth and development. Deficiencies of these elements, particularly nitrogen (N) and sulphur (S), can limit their development, affecting their survival…

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