DF Grupo contributes to the economic and social development of the regions where it is operating, adding value to and developing these areas. To DF Grupo is fundamental to reach a positive impact and full integration in the communities the group engages with, hence analysing environmental and social impact in order to guarantee respect to local culture and rules as well as the area’s surroundings.

DF Grupo is a value generator actor to society by collaborating with a wide arrange of entities, non-governmental organizations and local-based communities.

The Group constructs its compromise with these areas development by means of several action lines: local collaboration; sponsorship, patronage and fundraising initiatives, and open dialogue with the Community.


DF Grupo assumes a firm compromise with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Although United Nations SDG mainly target governments, DF Grupo is well aware of the role played by private organizations on its attainment, hence its firm compromise to collaborate to shared success.

DF Grupo commits to the majority of the SDG, among which the following are aligned with the company’s activity, hence its greater involvement.

DF Grupo, by means of its business activity, promotes the usage of the most efficient fertilizers to reach a year on year growing need for food production.

One among the main aspirational social goals for the Group is contributing to the economical development of the regions where the company operates.

Digital and technological innovation is key for DF Grupo.

DF Grupo advocates for this goal fulfilment so everyone can access basic shelter and services.

DF Grupo produces, delivers and commercialises an arrange of fertilizers that enable to maximize soil productivity, its fertility & health.

DF Grupo has made a compromise to reduce its carbon footprint.

Engaging on efficient and sustainable usage of fertilizers contributes to maintain soil fertility, increases production, rises agricultural wages & income as well as safeguarding the environment./span>

DF Grupo cooperates with several of the global market leader fertilizers producers in order to reach SDG.